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"Lord, please use our lives to make a difference for you. Use the gifts you gave us, for your purpose and glory."

Carroll, Brenda, and Casey Turner have made a committment to walk through the doors that God opens.  This family trio have been blessed to work with some major talent like Michael Combs, the Crabb Family, The Talley Trio, and many others, but the local church is where their heart is.  When God's people come together to worship it is magical and this is where the real privilege of service is for Crimson Cross. 

Let Them Ring (CDLetThemRing)

Let Them Ring

Click the links below for a sample of the songs contained on this CD:

Let Them Ring
Jukebox In My Soul
Tell The Story
Rescure Me
Grandma's Rockin' Chair
The Day
What a Glorious Morning
Lord, I Forgive Me
Say A Prayer For Melody
I Won't Go To Heaven Alone

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